What are CPA advertising networks and how to earn on them

Learn how to generate income from your site with the help of commodity CPA networks. How do they work, what do they pay website owners for, and which is the best advertising network to choose?

1. CPA-networks or affiliate programs.

About the concept and principles of work.
A CPA network (also referred to as an affiliate program or affiliate network) is a platform that acts as an mediator between the customer and the site owner (webmaster).

As a result of this cooperation, the seller does not need to attract customers and search for websites to advertise their products/services on them. And webmasters do not need to manually search for advertisers to make money on their site.

That is, each party benefits: the advertiser gets the client base, the webmaster gets a fixed payment, and the CPA-network earns it's fees.

2. How are payments made in CPA networks?

Generally speaking, in CPA networks, payments can be made for ad impressions, clicks on ads, requests from ads, and purchases from ads.

In ecommerce Affiliate networks a reward can be paid for a confirmed order. The cost of remuneration is set by the advertiser. The cost is indicated on the page of each product offer.

The scheme of interaction can be as follows. You set up an advertisement on the advertiser's website. From your advertisement potential customers leave a purchase request. They are contacted by the call-center of the CPA network. The client confirms the order.

You are instantly rewarded for the confirmed order. Money can be withdrawn via popular payment systems.

3. How to choose a CPA network?

There are affiliate programs for any subject and interest:
  • nutritions and supplements;
  • beauty goods;
  • online stores:
  • online games;
  • tourism;
  • insurance and finance;
  • dating;
  • other services and goods.
In order to avoid mistakes, study popular affiliate programs, their offers and terms of use (for what action will be charged %, the size, what methods of withdrawal, etc.). Read reviews on forums, in blogs about affiliate marketing or in Telegram groups.

For the creation of a personal account in an affiliate usually requires a minimum of data: your mail and invented password. After the registration you will receive an e-mail with an entry link to confirm your e-mail.

Go into a personal cabinet of a CPA network. Carefully study the cooperation conditions, rules, watch training videos, choose your offers. Customize your ads and get rewarded!

4. How Macaw can help?

After choosing a CPA network, the question arises — how and where to set up advertising in order to get the maximum profit? Macaw is a perfect traffic source for nutra, beauty, ecomm, online games, dating, gambling and other offers. Try it and you shall see amazing results!

5. How to start?

Sign up a registration request on Macaw's website. Your personal manager will contact you within a few hours. Manager will give you access to your personal advertising account, help you to create your first campaigns and answer any of your questions.
2021-01-20 15:12
Author: Maria Lanina
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